Pointlessly Niche Keyboards

Did you ever want a keyboard so specific that no one sells it? Maybe there's a good reason for that, but who does market research anyway? Introducing the LIFECLO.CC line of keyboards.

Manual Lifeclo.cc

Why Lifeclo.cc?

Well, I already happened to have the domain, and I could not think of another brilliant punny name for my keyboards. So here we have it.

Ohhh, you meant why choose this keyboard over others?

Get Your Hands Dirty

Lifeclocc keyboards are pretty barebones and don't have many acessories, you need to provide the other parts and assemble it yourself.
How is this a selling point? Uh... next question.

One* of a Kind Designs

Because no one in their right mind will buy these, you can be the special snowflake butterfly that you are.

* Not really one, but like you'll be the only one in your friend group using this.

Improved Security

When I say security, I really mean having a keyboard layout that no one else can reasonably use. People will be unable to hack it when you inevitably leave your computer unlocked.

It's like buying a manual transmission car in the US.

The Keyboards

I'm surprised you're still here, congrats on scrolling this far. You shall now be rewarded with all the keyboards money can buy.


Chocolate Bar

A split 40% keyboard that comes as row-staggered, ortholinear, or column-staggered. Mix and match the sides!

  • Probably the only row-staggered split 40% there is
  • Almost usable by normal people
  • Wired so you don't lose the keyboard
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Keyboard Keyboard

Ever needed a midi keyboard but also figured the ones on the market aren't crappy or expensive enough? This keyboard was built just for you!

  • Sends midi notes to your device
  • Has no force detection, because you always want to give it your 100%
  • Small and long enough to be used as an (ineffective) weapon
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Have you ever hated moving your hand from keyboard to mouse constantly? Instead of learning keyboard shortcuts, why not learn to use a one handed keyboard?

  • All keys easily accessible with a single hand, for times when your other hand is busy.
  • QWERTY like layout so you only need to relearn half the keyboard
  • Mind meltingly hard to type on
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The Macropad

A keyboard built for artists who needed a bunch of shortcuts for drawing, but why stop there? Put all your shortcuts here. Sending an angry email? Check. Completely wiping your computer? Just one press away.

  • Has buttons.
  • Small and portable.
  • Small enough to be be thrown at people you don't like without causing actual damage
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A keyboard for those who bought a 60% keyboard and regretted their decision. The keyboard to fill the void in your soul keyboard.

  • Numbers and arrows
  • Compatible with all computers that support keyboards
  • Can't think of a third bullet point
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I love making crappy keyboard layouts. If you have an idea, send it my way and I might even make it come true.

  • No guarantee you'll get a reply
  • Must be a sufficiently weird keyboard
  • Only flat keyboards, no curvy stuff. My PCBs don't curve.
I have a bad idea