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A one handed "qwerty" keyboard

Never need to take your hand off the mouse again



For half a keyboard, this does a lot more than you'd expect.


Why have a whole keyboard when you can just use half? You need one hand on the mouse at all times to do those 360 no scopes while typing "ggez".


I've somehow managed to squeeze all the symbols you'd find on a regular laptop into this half keyboard. It's certified coder friendly (certification by me).



Maybe you've injured your right hand or it's otherwise preoccupied. This keyboard comes with full mouse control so you don't even need a mouse.

Mouse Intensive Apps

Video editing, 3D modelling, CAD, photoshop, you name it. Never have your workflow interrupted again with having to leave your mouse and type stuff.


When drawing you need one hand on your stylus at all times, but how about those pesky keyboard shortcuts? With this you never have to stop drawing again. Ever.

The Layout

This makes heavy use of layering to get most of the buttons you'll find on a regular laptop. Check out the manual page for a more detailed explaination of how this works.

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Mind bogglingly hard to use

This is not an easy keyboard to use or learn at all. It was made as a joke, but I thought the idea was cool and funny enough to make into an actual product. It has worked for me for simple things like gaming or shortcuts, but I will not recommend typing essays on it.